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The classes of audio amplifiers

In general, the amplifier is made up of an amplifier element (transistor or tube) and auxiliary circuits for setting and stabilizing the operating point. Often, combinations of amplifiers – preamplifiers, amplifiers, power amplifiers are used in the devices. Furthermore, the article is limited to low-frequency amplifiers up to 20 kHz, which will be used mainly in audio technology.

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Resistors in audio

The resistor is a passive electrotechnical component, which has ideally the only property – electrical resistance. It is used to reduce the amount of electrical current or to obtain a certain voltage drop. Fixed resistors have a fixed resistance value that changes only slightly depending on the temperature passing through the current and life of the resistor. Adjustable resistors are used for continuous control (eg volume adjustment) or as temperature sensors (thermistors), voltage (varistors), lights (photoresistors). Continue reading Resistors in audio

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Capacitor types

What kind of capacitor to choose for different construction parts in the audio? What properties apart from capacitance and limit voltage have different types of capacitors? What are the essential parasitic properties of the capacitors and which are insignificant? Does it make sense to buy overpriced branded capacitors?

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