The signpost of amplifier constructions

The audiophile world is divided into two almost irreconcilable camps according to the type of amplifier. Some overcome minimal distortion and precision, others prefer sound liking, want to listen to the kind of sound they like, and some distortion does not work.

Tube amplifiers

Tube amplifiers have orderly greater harmonic distortion than transistors. But their sound is very popular in the audio world. They have less power, less amplification than transistors. The perfect combination of the tube amplifier is then with highly sensitive speakers.

Transistor amplifiers

They are very precise, constructions are mostly made for maximum harmonic distortion suppression. Transistors have greater gain than tubes, but they also have their disadvantages.

Nelson Pass A-class amplifiers.pdf

Hybrid amplifiers

They combine the harmonic distortion of the tube as a preamplifier and the constant, robust power of the transistor in the power section.

A Single-Ended Class-A Hybrid Amp Part 1.pdf

A Single-Ended Class-A Hybrid Amp Part 2.pdf


A high-quality source part is an integral part of each amplifier

Power Filtering, Shielding

Do not allow network and electromagnetic interference to penetrate sensitive parts of your structures.

EMC – Electro- Magnetic Compatibility

Způsoby omezování rušení – odrušovací prostředky a elektromagnetické stínění.pdf

Konstrukce odrušovacích filtrů a analýza chyb.pdf

Ochrana pred preperim FEI_VSB.pdf