Lowther DX4


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‚DX‘ Series Drive Units

The DX series of drive units employ ‚state of the art‘ rare earth magnet technology. The magnet assemblies are extremely light and compact, yet much more powerful than any conventional magnets. Coupled to Lowther‚s own ‘Hi-Ferric‚ coil control system, the acceleration and damping factors are increased well beyond anything achieved in the past, even with the extremely large and powerful magnet assemblies for which Lowther has always been renowned. These all-powerful magnet assemblies allow the diaphragms to reach acceleration rates well beyond the capabilities of any conventional magnet system.

The effect of such powerful magnet assemblies coupled to the ‘Hi-Ferric‚ coil control system, increases the speed of the cones and yet has a truly remarkable degree of damping. This results in an exceptional transient response, but with the oscillating factor reduced to an absolute minimum by the remarkable control of the ‘Hi-Ferric‚ system.

Using the latest method of construction, the inner cone is now isolated from the outer. This is not readily visible, but what is noticeable is that the rim of the inner cone is terminated with a reverse roll. Where once sound frequencies cancelled each other and information was lost, now all that information is retrieved and can be enjoyed. Where once sound frequencies were reinforced by the two cones working in unison at certain frequencies, now there is no over-forward sound reproduced. The frequency range is so smooth, and so much more detail from the recorded source is reproduced, that an entirely new level of listening experience will be enjoyed.

The amount of information now obtainable from the recorded source is truly remarkable. If it is on the recording then it will be heard. No detail is missed and no degrading of the signal will occur due to unwanted coil oscillations.

It is true to say that never before has it been possible to achieve such a quality of sound reproduction. The DX series achieve a realism to sound reproduction that has to be heard to be believed.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature is the very compact size and light weight and yet with a magnetic power which is more than 10 times that possible from conventional magnets.

The DX series of drive units have so many advantages and this all adds up to a quality of sound reproduction that will provide a level of listening enjoyment equalled only by the pleasure of a live performance.

Lowther DX4 Drive Unit

DC Resistance of Voice Coil Re 7.4 ohms
Free Air Resonance Fo 45 Hz
Emission Piston Area Sd 0.021M²
Equivalent Volume Suspension Vas 52.321 Ltrs
Suspension Compliance Cms 835.497 u M/N
Mass of Cone Mmd 11.0 g
Mass of Moving Parts Mms 12.75 g
Force Factor Bl 11.246 T-M
Mechanical Q Factor Qms 4.808
Electrical Q Factor Qes 0.229
Total Q Factor Qts 0.218
Voice Coil Inductance @ 1 kHz Le 28.347 uH
Reference Efficiency No 2.567%
Sound Pressure Level SPL 96.112 Db

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